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More than Just a Name

Name Weaver weaves more than your name. Find out what weapon you would use, how you would mutate, what ship you would sail, or what movie you're head lining! Suppose you are a Ninja, Pirate, or a Zombie? What would your signature weapon be? What would your mutation or mutilation be?

You're in What?

If a movie was made off your ninja exploits what would it be? If you're a Pirate, what ship would you plunder the seven seas with? If a movie was made off your Zombie corpse what would it be?

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Advanced Algorithms

Name Weaver does more than supply you with a random name. Name Weaver weaves your name into the universe of your choice using advanced algorithms and mathematical calculations. True to form; names, weapons, and more unique to each Weaver.

and more...


Show how well are you were woven into the high seas! Share with your friends and family easily in app, to Facebook, Twitter, iMessage, and more.

Weave Length

Long name? Short? First, last, and nick names. Find your true self.


Available universally on iPads and iPhones! Supports iSO 6 or newer.

Who Do You Want to Be?

Tell us who you want to be, name your next Weaver! Emails, tweets, or whatever you're comfortable with -- contact us and let us know what you think. We're always looking to improve our user experiences and add more Name Weavers.


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Start off with your Ninja name, Pirate name, and Zombie name. Updates are coming to add more Weavers!

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