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Multiple Levels

Play through 10+ levels of increasing difficulty. Travel from a graveyard through an infested city into the lab that started the epidemic.

Achievements & Leaderboards

Dozens of achievements and global leaderboards for each level means you can smash your way to the top of the charts.

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Feature Image

Options & Features

Enable or disable particle effects, change the sound levels or listen to your own music. Zombiegone gives you the ability to control your experience.

and more...

Powerful Engine

Using Unity 3D we're able to leverage a powerful engine with high quality textures, sprites, & advanced features like 3D sound.

Scalable Graphics

Drawn in high fidelity vector graphics allows scaling to any platform, device, or screen resolution

Multiple Platforms

Experience the game on iOS with native support for standard, retina, and widescreen retina interfaces.

Talk With Us

Emails tweets or whatever your comfortable with -- contact us and let us know what you think. We're always looking to improve our user experiences.



Get it now as it's free until the 2.0 update patch hits! Once the patch arrives Zombiegone only be $0.99 or your regional equivalent.

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